Thorpe Park Resort’s 2016 Fright Night’s plans have been found! They plan on replacing My Bloody Valentine with a new attraction called Platform 15, based on Derren Brown’s Ghost Train obviously. The description of the new walk through experience is as follows:

Don’t lose your tracks and risk disturbing the haunted souls that were once aboard, where you may just experience the same chilling fate.

Can you outrun what lies at the end of the line or will your journey terminate here, at PLATFORM 15?” – Thorpe Park Resort

Platform 15
Platform 15

With the permanent addition of the Containment to the park after last years Fright Night’s success this years Halloween event is set to be one hell of a scare fest, below is an image from inside of the Containment scare experience.

Inside Containment

Inside Containment
Inside Containment

Of course Thorpe Park Resort have the usual scare mazes lined up as well, including :

  • Blair Witch
  • Big Top
  • Saw
  • Cabin in the Woods

“Visit An Island Like No Other after hours this autumn with THORPE PARK Resort’s FRIGHT NIGHTS!Live action horror mazes return alongside thrilling rides in the dark including THE SWARM, SAW — The Ride and Stealth. Step into a world where Halloween reigns supreme.” – Thorpe Park Resort


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