Plans have been released today for a change to be made to Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park Resort. The changes don’t look incredibly major but as usual no one actually know’s what internal changes will be made.

The changes that have been planned are set to be an extension to the Derren Brown’s Ghost Train shop, although it’s only a small extension who know’s what this has been done for; especially due to the fact that the ride has only been open for less than a year this is a peculiar change.

With the recently opened attraction still having multiple closures during the week due to technical issues, Thorpe Park Resort have already started advertising a change in the attractions story-line around the park (pictured below).

Derren Brown's Ghost Train - Changing Advertisement Sign
Derren Brown’s Ghost Train – Changing Advertisement Sign

The full plans of Thorpe Park Resort’s changes to Derren Brown’s Ghost Train are in full below.


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