Speed is of the essence. There’s no time to think. Every maneuver has to be perfectly executed. There’s only one attempt. Starfleet’s enemy the Borg have the U.S.S. Enterprise locked in their tractor beam. The ship and its crew have been captured. The bridge of the Enterprise is deserted. The only hope of rescue is to send Starfleet cadets on a bold rescue mission. And this isn’t going to be easy. The Borg ship’s deflector shields will have to be breached so that its main systems can be destroyed. It’s the only way to save the crew of the Enterprise. Despite an incredible adrenaline rush, the cadets have to fully focus on the task at hand. That’s the new mission in deep space for Movie Park Germany’s guests.

You can watch the onride and offride POV of the Movie Park’s latest attraction below

When they open the new attraction in early spring 2017 Movie Park Germany will be the only amusement park in the world with a Star Trek-themed roller coaster. The intergalactic triple launch coaster focuses on theStar Trek: The Next Generation series and is called Star Trek: Operation Enterprise. Guests enjoy a warp speed experience on the coaster thanks to a spectacular track, a twisted halfpipe with a 40 metre elevation that is the only one of its kind in Europe and an 10,5 ton transfer track system.

Star Trek Operation Enterprise 1 | Movie Park Germany
Star Trek Operation Enterprise 1 | Movie Park Germany

Located at the main entrance of the park, this coaster is also the second-highest structure in the park and has fundamentally changed its skyline, according to General Manager Thorsten Backhaus. “The twisted halfpipe and the 30 metres-high top hat will give guests the adrenaline rush of their lives. Star Trek: Operation Enterprise is a triple launch coaster, which means that instead of slowly climbing the first incline the coaster is launched at high speed three times. It’s the first time we’ve ever incorporated this kind of launch concept in one of our coaster rides.”

Movie Park Germany has collaborated closely with licensor CBS Consumer Products in the USA to develop a fantastic roller coaster plus a brand new Federation Plaza theme area.  Surrounding a former film museum, the futuristic Star Trek set brings the Starfleet Academy world to life. Federation Plaza also has a brand new shop selling fan articles. “Guests access the Academy from the plaza through the doors of a 1000 square metres hall with different theme rooms where they enter the all-generation Star Trek universe to become Starfleet cadets,” says Thorsten Backhaus, explaining the story behind Star Trek: Operation Enterprise. “Our guests are then sent on a mission as Starfleet cadets to save the entire crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise before the Borg can assimilate them.”

Star Trek Operation Enterprise 2 | Movie Park Germany
Star Trek Operation Enterprise 2 | Movie Park Germany

The crew of Enterprise NCC-1701-D are on their way to a United Federation of Planets meeting when they are attacked by the Borg and taken aboard the enemy ship. The Enterprise is now unmanned and caught in a tractor beam. The only hope of rescue is the Starfleet cadets on the bridge of a nearby ship at the time of the attack. From the transporter room they are beamed onto the Enterprise to rescue the crew with their shuttles. This holodeck mission’s success depends on the cadets breaching the Borg ship’s deflector shield, destroying its main systems and saving the crew of the Enterprise.

The General Manager of Germany’s biggest film and amusement park believes this is the key to success: “It’s not enough today to have a unique coaster. You also need the perfect storyline. We have to make our guests part of something exciting from the moment they enter the attraction to the moment they leave.”  Star Trek is a franchise that appeals to a wide audience. “Movie and TV series licenses are what our park is all about and Star Trek has been inspiring generations of people for more than 50 years.”


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