Alton Towers Resort over the closed season have been very open and clear with the public about the renovations and repairs they’ve been doing to improve the park. Thorpe Park Resort have now followed in their footsteps. Park staff donated 8 hours of their time for one day to re-paint, powerwash and clean up the park; ready for the annual pass preview weekend coming up soon.

8 Hours For Thorpe 1 | Thorpe Park Resort
8 Hours For Thorpe 1 | Thorpe Park Resort

The idea for “8 Hours For Thorpe” came from the newly appointed Divisional Director, Dominic Jones. This ingenious idea not only helped clean up the park ready for the 2017 season but it helped free up the Engineering and Facilities staff so that they could focus on getting the rides running smoother than ever.

After managing to recruit 148 members of Thorpe Park Resort Staff from Marketeers to Accountants to Recruitment Officers, we can’t wait for those blue gates to open and let us back in for the 2017 season!

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you from everyone at Theme Park Incorporated for making Thorpe Park Resort ready for the 2017 season!



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