Thorpe Park Resort have closed Vortex, a KMG Afterburner ride, after the tragic incident at Ohio State Fair.  After an urgent communication was sent from KMG, on the 27th of July, to other owners of the ride, about which models needed to be closed pending investigation.

The video below is of the tragic incident at Ohio State Fair in which one 18 year old died. Viewer discretion is advised.

KMG Statement | KMG
KMG Statement | KMG

Thursday, KMG sent out a letter asking all operators of the ride and similar models called Fireball/Afterburner and Move-it to “cease operation of the ride until further notice.

Thorpe Park Resort have released a statement in which they state that Vortex is not on the list of affected models but in light of the incident they have closed it and are using the opportunity to do extra precautionary checks on the ride.




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