It has been announced today by Alton Towers Resort that the highly anticipated Wicker Man wooden coaster is set to open next Saturday, 17th Of March. This opening is inline with the official opening of the resort for the 2018 season which is also on Saturday. After months and months of waiting theme park enthusiasts and park guests will finally be able to ride the first wooden coaster to be built in the UK for 20 years; the resort has detailed that this is a unique experience, combining wood and fire in one coaster.

Wicker Man Track | Alton Towers Resort
Wicker Man Track | Alton Towers Resort

Before opening the ride next week the resort today invited in multiple Theme Park Fan pages to try it out and to give their opinion on this incredible coaster. Along with reviewing the ride for ITV pages such as Theme Park Worldwide, TowersStreet, TowersTimes & Attraction Images shared photo’s and video’s of the roller coaster in action.

Francis Jackson, Operations Director at Alton Towers Resort, previously said: “Wicker Man is Alton Towers’ most ambitious project to date and we’re really excited to finally reveal our newest thrill attraction to the world.

“We’ve spent four years creating an experience that is truly spectacular by investing in the latest technologies which combine wood, fire and special effects to give riders the genuine feeling that they will be racing though flames. We can’t wait for everyone to experience Wicker Man when the park opens this Spring.”

Today was also the first time that anyone has seen inside of Wicker Man’s Station. The immense about of detail that has gone into designing this immersive experience is clear to see.

Wicker Man Inside Station | Alton Towers Resort | Photo Credit: TowersTimes
Wicker Man Inside Station | Alton Towers Resort | Photo Credit: TowersTimes

Despite sharing a name with the iconic movie Wicker Man, Alton Towers has said the ride was not inspired by it.

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