Paultons Park staff had a solar shock today when the Park’s resident nutty professor: Professor Blast unveiled his new discovery, a herd of multi-coloured hybrid animals.

Coinciding with the eclipse, the scientist finally revealed the never-before seen creatures he discovered on his travels to unchartered islands.

The Hampshire family theme park has decided to adopt the bizarre beasties and has built a new mini-land for the mixed up animals called Critter Creek, which is now open for the public to explore.

A representative from Paultons Park said: “I have never seen such a collection of strange creatures, including a Horse-Fly, Gopher-Pus and Duck-Billed Newt. This is so exciting for the theme park and we can’t wait to showcase them to the public.

“They might be unusual but Professor Blast soon discovered they are very friendly and we know children will love them. We have called the new area Critter Creek and we believe it will be one of our most popular attractions for 2015.”

Critter Creek is a peculiar exotic jungle with colourful mushrooms and mutant plants revealing the Cat-O-Pillar roller coaster and the brand-new Expedition Express train ride.

Young explorers can discover the hidden depths of Beastie Burrow, where families can step inside a giant tree trunk and come face-to-face with a number of fascinating fish, bugs and reptiles.

Recently awarded a Gold Accolade from VisitEngland, Paultons Park is also host to the world’s first and UK exclusive Peppa Pig World.

For further information, including a calendar of opening times and information about how to book tickets online in advance to save money, visit