Whether you’re going to a Theme Park for the first time, or re-visiting a popular family favourite, these tips will help make your day better and smoother!

Check the Map! :- When you are visiting a new Theme Park try and get hold of a Park Map before you go. That way you can learn the layout of the park, and what rides are there and can start to plan your day. That way you don’t end up walking from one end of the park to the other (leading to very sore feet), and do all the rides in certain areas at the same time before moving on.

Ring before hand! :- If you don’t fancy going when the Park has one of their busiest days, or when the Park has a special event on. Ring up and ask them what days will be quieter, as that means less queues, which means more rides!

Review Websites! :- If you’re visiting a new Theme Park, make sure you go onto various review sites (such as TripAdvisor) and find out what other people think about that park and take note!

On-Site Hotels :- If you’re spending multiple days at a Theme Park then see about staying at the on-site hotel. Most Parks will give special offers, or various discounts for staying on-site, plus some Parks even let you enter the park earlier!

Eating :- Make sure you have accounted for the pricing (and time taken away from rides) of food and drinks at Theme Parks as these can be expensive! Most people are happy to take a picnic, and most Parks have lockers inside the park where you can store your belongings.

Attire :- Make sure you check the weather forecast before you head out. If it’s going to be a bright and sunny day, you don’t really want to be wearing your winter clothes! Flip Flops are rather awkward for wearing around a Theme Park due to stones, uneven ground and bark, and also aren’t safe on some of the rides which leave you feet dangling. Instead try and get a pair of supportive and comfortable trainers (as you will be on your feet a lot). Try not to wear too much loose clothing, and if you wear a hat make sure to put it somewhere safe before going onto rides. Keep your wallet or purse safe in a zippable pocket!

Sun Cream :- Especially in the summer! Most of the queue lanes are in the open and will subject you to the elements! (Also bring plenty of water bottles to keep hydrated).

Arrive Early :- If you want to catch the shortest ride wait times and escape the heat of the day, get to the park as early as possible as people do arrive earlier so they can dash to their favorite rides as soon as possible.

Pace Yourself :- Take a break from the coasters every once in a while, perhaps throwing in a train or gondola ride (these can also serve as great ways of getting around the park that don’t
wear out your trainers).

Ziplock Bags – Bring Ziplock Bags (or closeable sandwich bags) to store valuables in such as phone, watch or wallet when you go onto water rides, as these bags are watertight.

Meeting Point :- Arrange a meeting point with your group so that if you get lost you know where to go, and try to make it near the entrance of the park (as there is likely to be Staff Members near the front gate). You could also try and get the group to wear similar clothing so that you all stand out to each other in a crowd.

Check ride heights :- Most rides have height sticks at the entrance of the queue lane, use this to measure children who may or may not be tall enough. If they’re not tall enough then don’t try and get them on the ride, as this just wastes time in queuing, upsets children and slows down your day. The Ride Operators always check!