Island Beats is Thorpe Park Resort’s newest way of bringing a different type of crowd. We took a visit to Island Beats to see what this new event was like, we were delightfully impressed!

During the day different artists take to the stage by Tidal Wave to perform in front of the guests. This gives Amity Cove a new feeling of being modern and up to date. The only bad thing about performing on the stage by Tidal Wave is that most people just walk past because they aren’t there for the music. Also Amity Cove is known to have old fashioned music blasting out speakers because it’s part of it’s theming, the problem with this though is that because the music is so loud sometimes it’s hard to hear the performers on stage.

Overall though live music being played around the park during the day is a good idea because it gives the park a different atmosphere.

At 6PM though the Island changes, the rides can only be ridden if you have got a wristband for Island Beats Music or Summer Nights. This means that all queues drop down to 5 minutes which is brilliant for re rides!

We would highly recommend visiting Island Beats, even if it’s just for the music in the evening. If your favourite singer is performing, visiting Island Beats is the best way to get close to them. The stage isn’t that far away from the normal area where everyone stands, although if you want to be really close to the performers you can buy a VIP Ticket which puts you in an enclosed off area right by the stage which isn’t tightly packed like the normal area.

The night we were there Little Mix where performing but before that we got to enjoy the music of Canary Swing and Only The Young, this really got the crowd pumped for Little Mix. When the singers are performing you can really feel the buzz in the air and the music.

During the singers performing we decided to go make worth while of the very short queues. We found that even if you don’t buy a Island Beats Music ticket you can still hear the singers on rides such as Colossus and Saw:The Ride, because of this we felt that the park had a different, maybe more exciting atmosphere!

Overall we would highly recommend going to Island Beats at Thorpe Park Resort as it is a really good way to get close to your favourite artists!


Theme Park Incorporated Island Beats Rating


Pro’s –

-Live Music throughout the day and night!
-Great way to get close to and hear your favourite artists
-All rides have a queue below 5 minutes!
-The park has a great atmosphere
-Great way for new artists to be recognized and discovered
-Ride controllers make rides very fun by getting everyone to sing songs such as YMCA

Con’s –

-Performers on the Tidal Wave stage can’t really be heard at times

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