Liseberg is in out of the reach of most theme park lovers in the UK, sadly but after we took a long trip up to Liseberg, we would highly recommend it!

Main Overview:

Liseberg is based in Göteborg, Sweden. The theming around the whole park is explicitly hand crafted to increase the experience of guests You really feel like your in a different world with every ride you go on! The amount of thought and time that has been put into every piece of the park is obvious to see in the smiles of the guests.

General Park Review:

As a theme park the amount of rubbish that is produced by guests is a hard thing to deal with but Liseberg has to be one of the cleanest parks we have ever been. The floor was empty of trash and the bins weren’t over flowing, UK theme parks could really learn a lesson about cleanliness from Liseberg. The park itself is widely covered in plants, shrubs and trees; these give the park a natural and eco-friendly look. The vast majority of rooves at Liseberg also have plants growing on them so that the park blends all together instead of having horrid metallic looking colours clashing with the green of the surrounding plants.

Rides and Attractions:

Liseberg offers a wide range of roller coasters and attractions for all ages. Our favourite rides at Liseberg had to be Helix, Balder and Mechanica. Mechanica ,being new for 2015, always had a considerable queue whatever time of the day it was but we must admit it truly was worth the queue as it has to be one of the wildest and thrilling rides there! Balder is Liseberg’s only wooden coaster and as we all know wooden roller coasters have a reputation of being …. well slightly bumpy…. incredibly Balder was smooth front and back row! Of all the wooden roller coasters we have ridden it definitely one of the smoothest going!


We would like to thank the staff at Liseberg for making our trip to Liseberg very hospitable. They are the happiest staff we have ever seen, they don’t ever stop smiling or delivering 5 star customer service! They always wanted to check how our day was going and if something was a miss we are sure they would of sorted it right away!

Overall Liseberg is up there with the best theme park’s in the world and that is why we are awarding them with a 99% out of 100% satisfaction rating!

Park Tip: Ride Helix during the day and the night. It makes for a whole different ride experience at night time when the whole park is lit up.


Check out all the photo’s from our trip here:

Liseberg Review
  • 99%
    Liseberg Percentage Rating - 99%


-Spotless Park
-Wide range of attractions and rides
-Happy Staff
-5 Star customer service
-Open quite a few nights a year
-Excellently themed

-No free WiFi that is Park wide

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