Thorpe Park Resort is renowned for having world class rides and for being a top Summer Holiday destination but every year The Island Changes and Thorpe Park Resort become a park full of screams and scares! That’s right, It’s Fright Nights!

For anyone that hasn’t visited Thorpe Park Resort’s Fright Nights before here is a basic break down of what is different to a usual day at the park.

First of all closing times change quite considerably going from the usual 5pm closure to 10pm closure instead. This is done to make the mazes in the park more effective, which brings us onto our second point. Thorpe Park Resort work hard all year round to bring you the scariest and best mazes from around the UK just for Fright Nights! They even have some awards to prove it. Finally, once the sun goes down at Fright Nights the actors come out and start to scare the crowds, they usually like to have photo’s taken with them!

Anyway onto this years review of Fright Nights!

Thorpe Park Resort decided to take the leaf of faith and bring in a new maze called The Big Top (See the full POV here) after taking a trip through this year’s new maze we must admit it is a brilliant addition to the parks annual event! In addition to the maze, actors dressed as people from the circus walk around the park making people “roll up” and experience the circus like never before! This new maze really brings a whole new atmosphere to the park after dark!

We admit this, our favourite maze out of the selection that Thorpe Park Resort offer has to be the Cabin In The Woods maze due to the fact that we managed to find the control room and control smoke and lights inside the maze (Check out the control room in our POV here). The maze it’s self is full of a wide variety of elements that are aimed at scaring the life out of you! We ,at one point, got stuck in a room with an actor screaming at us while she jumped up and down on the bed!

One of the other mazes at Fright Nights is My Bloody Valentine which is located near Rush. Now right from the start your group will end up being split up by the actors, this already means that you’ll start to feel even more scared! Wherever you go in the maze you’ll never be prepared for what’s around the corner. Be prepared to crawl through parts of this maze.

Finally, we can’t finish a review without talking about the resort’s last two mazes! Saw: Alive is live action horror maze which is located, weirdly, near Saw: The Ride! This maze has it’s downsides one of them mainly being the fact that throughout the maze you have to keep your hands on the shoulders of the person infront this does mean you really experience as much as you might in one of the other free flowing mazes. The maze is still very good and still very full of things that’ll make you jump, namely being the Saw Pigs! Last but not least, The Blair Witch Project which is located near the Rocky Express, this maze opens at 6pm due to the fact it has to be dark for it to be scary. If you are absolutely petrified to go in the mazes but feel like you need to this is the one to start off with as the actors aren’t so full on or as jumpy, they are more there just to intimidate you and make you think they’re going to jump. We would still highly recommend this maze if you have time as it is quite a laugh!

Fright Nights 2015
  • 9/10
    Thorpe Park Resort Fright Nights Overall Rating - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Maze Review - The Big Top - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Maze Review - The Cabin In The Woods - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Maze Review - My Bloody Valentine - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Maze Review - Saw: Alive - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Maze Review - The Blair Witch Project - 7/10
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