Two life-size Victorian style dolls shock London


Two life-size Victorian style dolls shocked Londoners this morning as the creepy pair popped up at commuter hotspots across the capital to mark the launch of the world’s first psychological theme park ride created by Derren Brown, coming to Thorpe Park Resort in 2016.

The incredibly realistic 4ft 7” high ‘living dolls’ were played by two modelswho each spent over three hours being transformed by a top team of stylists, costume designers, make-up artists and dressers. The dolls were spotted at numerous venues in London including Charing Cross Tube Station, Oxford Street where they were seen playing with a toy train set, carrying dolls and pushing an empty 1900’s style pram. Visitors to the ‘themed’ experience at Thorpe Park Resort in 2016 will embark on a 13 minute journey, making the one-of-a-kind attraction a totally unique theme park experience.