It’s that time of the year again when Alton Towers Resort re-opens to the public after a, what seemed like forever, short time closed for general maintenance and repairs.

The start of this season has produced to big pieces of news the first being the decision to re-open The Smiler after last years tragic incident (Find out more here). People have had mixed opinions as to whether Alton Towers Resort made the right decision to re-open the ride at all, especially so early in the season. Roller coaster enthusiasts though have loved the decision to re-open and have already flocked to Alton Towers Resort to re-ride or have their first ride on The Smiler!

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Second of all, Alton Towers Resort has re-modeled Air into their new Virtual Reality Roller Coaster called Galactica. Visitors can experience this brand new type of Roller Coaster from now on as it opened with the park.

View a preview of the ride below:

Over the closed season Alton Towers Resort has shown dedication to improving the park completely, below you can find all of the latest improvements including paint jobs and complete area changes.