The Alton Towers Secret Weapon tradition has been going on for quite a while now but whenever a whisper of a new secret weapon is heard the theme park community lights up with suggestions and ideas of what the next new ride could be. The best layed speculation begins with the plans!

As guessed SW8 will be located on the old site of the Log Flume between Mutiny Bay and Katanga Canyon. From what we can see from the plans (below) the new attraction will include a station, maintenance bay, shop, food and games unit.

SW8 - Main Plan
SW8 – Main Plan

The track layout indicates that the ride will encompass most of the former Flume area, and include a turn just behind Congo River Rapids in Katanga Canyon. Plans indicate that the highest point of the ride will be 10 metres above ground level, with an incline on the initial lift hill of 24 degrees. In order to enhance the ride experience, and to help mitigate noise levels, the attraction will also feature a number of tunnels which will take the total height of the ride to 11.5 metres above ground level.

SW8- Zoomed Plan
SW8- Zoomed Plan

In addition to the main track layout, plans also show that there will be three themed features located around the ride, the tallest of which will be 15 metres tall. One themed feature will be located on the former location of The Flume’s station, the second will be at one of the high points of the ride, whilst the third will be located in an area between two parts of the ride track. Plans also show a possible pre-show area just prior to the main station, however it would appear that this is yet to be confirmed.