Alton Towers has once again been savagely attacked but not like you’d expect. UK newspapers this week have been attacking Alton Towers over a simple ride stall. Galactica (used to be known as Air) stalled on the lift hill after large amounts of water caused the system to trip out. Even though¬†Galactica has many successful runs a day as soon as the slightest problem occurs the media pounce and make a big fuss over something so small! Full details of the events below.

Riders were left fearing they may fall out of an Alton Towers rollercoaster today after being left hanging 65ft high in the air for half an hour when it abruptly came to a halt in front of busy Bank Holiday crowds.

A total of 28 people were left hanging face-down on the ¬£12million Galactica ride when it ground to a sudden halt in ‘absolutely torrential’ rain at the top of the first loop of the track at around 2pm.

The halt came less than a year after two women both lost a leg when a carriage on a ride crashed into a stationary car.



Galactica Stuck On Lift Hill
Galactica Stuck On Lift Hill

One rider involved in today’s incident told how he feared his seatbelt would ‘release’ and he would plunge to the ground below as he dangled in mid-air, while another said it would’ve been ‘game over’ if the harness gave way.

Others said distressed passengers were ‘screaming and crying’ during the incident which occurred when the ride broke down after allegedly being besieged by floodwater following heavy downpours.

Inside Galactica's Station - Flooded with water
Inside Galactica’s Station – Flooded with water