Alton Towers Resort has now released full plans for their latest roller coaster addition to the park, SW8! From looking at the plans it is clear to see that the new roller coaster will in fact be a wooden roller coaster. As we already knew, SW8 will be replacing the flume in the woods.

1.10 in the Design and Access Statement outlies the description of what Alton Towers Resort are planning to do: “To enhance the offer at the Resort, it is proposed to remove the now dated Log Flume attraction and install a new rollercoaster to the west of the Congo River Rapids ride. The proposed new coaster will be contained outside of the woodland area (located to the south of the application site) on a previously developed area. “

Alton Towers Resort appears to be doing the same with this roller coaster as they did with The Smiler, by digging below the ground they can make the roller coaster taller, faster and overall better.

To blend the roller coaster into the woodlands area, and to match the theme of the roller coaster, Alton Towers Resort has chosen textiles such as pictured below.

SW8 - Materials Key
SW8 – Materials Key

In the Design and Access Statement it is clearly stated that “The design of the new rollercoaster will respect its surroundings and in landscape terms, and the design approach will seek to meet the expectations of resort guests whilst respecting the site and its surroundings.”

Already, just by looking at the plans, you can see that there are going to be multiple big elements of theming around the ride. The point of speculation to think about is, what will be inside of some of the inside parts of the roller coaster; such as the sound tunnel.

SW8 - Sound Tunnel
SW8 – Sound Tunnel

The overall design of the new wooden roller coaster can be found in the Design and Access Statement under point 2.19, 2.20 and 2.21. They read as follows: “The rollercoaster structure, sound tunnels and screens will be made of dark stained timber elements, predominantly made of southern yellow pine. The associated rails will be made of a combination of timber and steel. 

With respect to the buildings, the accompanying drawings (prepared by Smytheman Architects) show the maximum size and bulk of the buildings and materials proposed. In summary, the upper section of the buildings will be made of horizontal dark timber boarding with aged and weathered effect, and the lower section of the buildings will be clad in a combination of grass and earth effect and / or sandstone effect. The roof will be made of artificial thatch and distressed profiled metal sheeting.

The design approach for the replacement ride will seek to complement existing theming within the Resort and to meet the expectations of resort guests. Materials have been chosen to complement the rural and woodland surroundings and the proposed dark colour for the coaster track and stanchions will assist to minimise any impact of the proposed structure on landscape character and views.”

Find all of the plans photo documents below in high quality JPG form.