We recently took a trip to Chessington World Of Adventures on the quest to get an honest review of one of the top UK parks aimed at families.

Although a very much cloudy day the queues stayed high all day on the popular rides such as Vampire and Dragons Fury. Bubbleworks, which is due to close on the 6th of September, was busy all day maintaining an 100 minute queue most of the day. Although the queues were big we never got bored, the park has free Cloud WiFi which keeps you entertained in the queues.

Bubbleworks Closing Sign
Bubbleworks Closing Sign

We will be sad to see Bubbleworks go due to the fact that it is has such a well thought out story which really makes the ride enjoyable. It of course is aimed at the younger generation but we still love it, especially the fountain room! We were lucky enough to go behind the scenes at the end of the day and get a tour around Bubbleworks with the factory owner himself, Professor Burp.

The park overall is very well themed with the different area’s being clearly separated and every ride in each area being orientated around the area’s theme! Chessington really have exceeded the standard when it comes to an immersive theme park experience.

As Chessington was and still is known for being partly a zoo they have a collection of animals in the front of the park who aren’t shy to camera’s, that’s for sure! Although being kept in captivity the animals habitats are suited to their home territory so they live almost normal lives.

Chessington Tiger
Chessington Tiger

*As a side note, some of the monkeys are incredibly annoying to take pictures of! You line up the shot and then it’s like they see the camera and they just decide to scamper off!*

Bolivian Squirrel Monkey
Bolivian Squirrel Monkey

The park offers a wide variety of shows to watch during your day including their newest show, Pandamonium! All shows are aimed at the younger generation, the shows include audience interaction to keep everyone paying attention. Although the shows are mainly aimed at a younger audience we still found it highly entertaining and well worth a watch; you can find a video below which shows our personal favourite show, Penguins Of Madagascar LIVE: Operation Cheesy Dibbles.

Pandamonium at Chessington
Pandamonium at Chessington

We know how much work goes into every show and as a result a flawless performance from all members of staff is expected everytime! You can see in their faces how much they enjoy performing.

In addition to the live shows with actors Chessington also offers a wide variety of animal shows such as the sea lion show. They also show times around the park for when other animals like the tigers are going to be fed.

We would highly recommend visiting Chessington World Of Adventures if you have a family with young children or just don’t love massive roller coasters like Stealth at Thorpe Park Resort. It’s a family park so the facilities are made to accommodate that, there are lots of buggy parking bays and lockers for storage. If you get too tired throughout the day we would recommend (on a sunny day) going to the field near Vampire as it is very peaceful.

We are very exited about our upcoming trip to America, where we are looking forward to enjoying sunshine and sandy beaches in Hawaii! This trip will be more adult centered trip than Chessington. I have been advised by a close friend to check out these romantic things you can do on Oahu to spice things up a wee bit. There is still so much to plan, and there is so much to do there outside of parks, we are considering a long hike up a volcano. I haven’t always been the most outdoorsy person but I would love to say I hiked a volcano. I can’t wait to let you all know how it goes.

Chessington World Of Adventures Review
  • 83%
    Park Theming - 83%
  • 94%
    Staff Interaction - 94%
  • 71%
    Ride Choice - 71%
  • 90%
    Family Suitablity - 90%
  • 75%
    Park Price - 75%


– Great park theming
– Happy & Helpful Staff
– Great for families with young children
– Park wide WiFi
– Small enough to easily and quickly get from one side to the other

– Not so great for teenagers or adult age range
– High food prices, it’s good quality but still pricey
– Quite an expensive day out for a large family to afford

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