Thorpe Park Resort’s, Fright Nights, returns in all its gore-y for the nation’s premiere Halloween event’s 15th Birthday celebrations on selected dates from 7 October – 31 October with an all-new scare maze, Platform 15.

Take your turn to walk the Island’s backroads which have never before been accessible to the public. Guests will face a deserted railroad, explosions, séances, Ouija boards and pitch black forestry. They may also find themselves hunted and chased in the depths of the forest, so they must tread carefully and not disturb the grounds – zombie ‘Sleepers’ hidden amongst the trees may awaken.

The scare doesn’t stop there, in partnership with Lionsgate the Blair Witch scare maze has received an overhaul to tie in with the new film’s twisted tale.

Thorpe Park Resort offers 5 scare mazes which are all included in the price of a Fright Nights ticket!

Platform 15: New for 2016 an off the track dark experience into the Park’s woodlands! Platform 15 is set in the Park’s woodlands; it is the largest scare maze to date covering 450 metres. Guests will depart on a one way ticket along an overgrown railway line which is the last known route of the Sleeper Express, a locomotive that disappeared into thin air with all passengers still on board.

Platform 15 - Fright Nights 2016
Platform 15 – Fright Nights 2016

Blair Witch: In partnership with Lionsgate this Fright Nights staple has received a 2016 update in keeping with what looks to be 2016 scariest horror movie yet. Following Lionsgate’s recent release of Blair Witch, the highly anticipated sequel to horror classic The Blair Witch Project, FRIGHT NIGHTS reintroduces BLAIR WITCH Experience the game-changing horror movies for yourself as you venture deep into the Black Hills Forest to discover the truth behind the legend of the Blair Witch. Remember: Never spend the night. Never look in her eyes. Never turn away from the corner. There’s something evil hiding in the woods – dare you enter after night fall?

The Big Top: Grab your ticket to the greatest scare on Earth as the carnival comes to town once again this October. Reimagined for 2016, twist your way through THE BIG TOP, a carnival comes back to life to terrorise those who dare to trespass. Will you succumb to the torturous antics of the wicked Figaro Bros. as they return for another year of crazed debauchery?

The Big Top - Fright Nights 2016
The Big Top – Fright Nights 2016

Cabin in The Woods: Based on the Lionsgate movie, visitors will tour a seemingly innocent rustic cabin, but what lies behind each door is not so pure. Experience a frightening live recreation of this ground-breaking satirical horror film. Visitors will tour the seemingly innocent rustic cabin, within which lies a secret facility that unleashes nightmarishly hideous ‘beings’.  A fully immersive, brilliantly themed maze where visitors can influence the outcome and come face to face with the nightmare and devastation that is, The Cabin In The Woods.

Saw Alive: The Maze: Another Lionsgate special, visitors will come face to face with the sadistic Billy puppet and face his nightmarish games. Guess who’s coming to play? From the twisted minds that created the world’s most terrifying rollercoaster SAW – The Ride, comes the world’s most extreme live action maze – now with even more evil for 2016! Visitors will come face to face with the sadistic Billy puppet and face his nightmarish games…winding their way through this brilliantly themed multi-roomed maze.


Thorpe Park Resort also offers one extra scare maze which costs £10 to enter, Containment! This attraction offers an escape the room style experience, you have to escape “Containment” under time restrictions! Face your fears and make the ultimate timed escape inside THORPE PARK Resort’s newest scare experience CONTAINMENT. In groups of ten, you’ll be locked inside of four haunt rooms, inspired by many of the UK’s worst nightmares, and tasked with breaking the codes to make your way through to the end… all in hopes of finding the antidote to a spreading infection. Will you and your team surrender to the outbreak or have what it takes to breakout of CONTAINMENT? A combination of special effects and live actors will help guide, or disturb, you in this unique scare experience.

As part of the Park’s birthday celebrations, roaming scare actors will be unleashed on the Park after 6pm, so the scares will continue outside the mazes. Guests can choose which characters arrive at the Park by voting on the Thorpe Park Official Facebook page. They can choose from a selection of frightful fiends who have graced Fright Nights mazes over the past 15 years, and bring them back to the Park for one last scare.

In addition to the Resort’s Fright Nights attractions, the Park’s flagship rollercoasters will be open until late too including Stealth, Colossus, Saw-The Ride, Nemesis and SWARM.

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Thorpe Park Resort Fright Nights may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 13.  Experiences are subject to availability