During the closed season, Alton Towers Resort shuts their gates, over loads their social media pages with hotel offers for the next year and begins restorations on the park. What proceeds is the conclusive collection of all the pictures from this closed seasons restorations and improvements that have been made to the park.

A large part of this closed seasons restoration efforts have been focused on The Smiler and overall the X-Sector. With The Smiler’s incident in 2015 behind Alton Towers Resort now, they are focusing on restoring it back to the world class, record holding, 14 inversion roller coaster that it was when it first opened back in 2013.

The rest of the photo’s from the Towers Loving Care Twitter are embedded below. As you can see, most of the restorations are small but all come together to make the park look even better than at the end of last year’s season!