Hansa Park have taken the closed season to finish off the theming on their world class coaster, KÄRNAN. Since opening back in 2015 the ride has had minor theming added but now the final touches have been made to the queue line and the huge concrete tower that looms over the rest of the park.

The pictures below are from the official Hansa Park KÄRNAN website, under the building blog section

As well as the addition of extra theming, Hansa park have made extensive changes to the ride. In 2017 the worldwide unique reverse free fall in the dark of Europe’s second-highest coaster will be even longer, more intense, more KÄRNAN! The free fall velocity rate has been more than doubled from about 5m/sec to roughly 11m/sec. What’s more, KÄRNAN’s exciting roller coaster story is going to continue. Theming has been completed. Over 1.5 million facing bricks adorn the exterior of the tower of KÄRNAN, and intricate wood carvings and cast iron work give the fortress a majestic look.

With the park re-opening on the 7th of April 2017, will you be trying out the new and improved KÄRNAN?