Thorpe Park Resort began the advertising of their updates to Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at the end of last years season. With posters stating that a “new terrifying destination arrives in 2017” park guests were intrigued as to how this already incredibly advanced and immersive experience could be improved upon.

Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise Of The Demon 1 | Thorpe Park Resort
Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise Of The Demon 1 | Thorpe Park Resort

Over the closed season Thorpe Park Resort have released a teaser trailer, below, to pull the attention of planning park goers to visit possibly sooner or more often with the intent of seeing the different scenarios of the ride.

So how will the ride change? Thorpe Park Resort described the experience as being deeper, darker and more intense, so here’s what he know so far!


The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that this time around they’re going even deeper into the chilling depths of the unknown, both mentally AND physically. Thorpe Park Resort won’t go into too much detail but expect to enter realms unexplored in Derren Brown’s Ghost Train as your train is diverted down an entirely different route…


Derren Brown’s Ghost Train just wasn’t scary enough. Thorpe Park Resort have taken a look at where the fear can be dialled up a notch for Rise of the Demon and, well, let’s just say they think your thirst for fear will be quite satisfied! Nerve shattering tension is on route.

More intense:

Thorpe Park Resort always wants to bring you the most cutting edge tech they can in they’re new rides, and part of this means pioneering some of the ride technology themselves here at the park! This means when they are able to update this to newer technology, they can make a more intense experience for you.

We can’t wait to try out this new version of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train and we hope you can’t wait to try it either! Make sure to check out our review of the 2017 version of the ride when it is available!